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Woohoo i can make flash vids

2008-12-05 19:59:43 by MasteRat133

Ill be bringing you my first by the end of next week. Itll be crappy but itll be my first


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2008-12-05 21:03:18

What program do you use to make flash videos?

MasteRat133 responds:

um flash, im thinking of chaging u know trying dreamweaver something like that you know i saw one more other than flash and dreamweaver wut do you use


2008-12-05 21:36:14

Hey, i saw your first one... you cannot just do pictures that sit there, you gotta try some frame by frame work. it's tough, but the results are much better, especially if you put a little more thought into it. i hope your next submission is more successful, because i dont think this one will make it. sorry dude. if you need more advice, i'd love to help, so just message me.

MasteRat133 responds:

yeah im trying to move te guys(make them walk) but im so confussed :S


2008-12-06 09:38:01

Use sound fx man

Get them at or preferred
and use wav or mp3 audio cuz any other audio wont work and put more time and effert in your flash and one will pass