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i keep trying a great beginning like the first one but i keep rereading it and saying why the fuck! would i write this cra. if anyone can come up with a good idea it wud be great

I submitted it

2008-12-21 09:10:22 by MasteRat133

if it passes than i need to fix it up a little but otherwise its done. i just need to add some sound at the beggining and put a title screen.

iTs finished

2008-12-11 17:14:24 by MasteRat133

I just need to wait 10 days to be able to submit flashes again

It's gonna be about an assassin, and well i don't wanna give too much away, but it's gonna be about him discovering a large conspiracy. The first part will be an interesting introduction to his accuracy and precision while doing his job

Woohoo i can make flash vids

2008-12-05 19:59:43 by MasteRat133

Ill be bringing you my first by the end of next week. Itll be crappy but itll be my first


2008-11-30 17:52:59 by MasteRat133

tomorows monday and i have to go to school, Tuesday i have a history presentation wednesday i have a test, thursday i have stuff to do have to hand homework in, friday, ill get back to you.